The College Pro Edition

The College Pro Edition
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The College Pro Edition with anodized aluminium legs, squared shape 80x80mm that give to the table a solid and elegant shape at the same time.
The body of the table is a monobloc structure that makes use of the same materials used for the competition tables: a multi layered poplar covered on both sides by MDF. This “sandwich” gathers the best characteristics of both materials: great resistance and durability of poplar, and the hardness of MDF, the best impact surface that gives an ideal rebound to the ball.
Other characteristics: feet are made out of a special soft plastic that guarantees an incredible adherence on the floor, playfield is 5 mm. tempered glass, rods in doubled chromium coated are 18 mm diameter fitted with handles in extra soft rubber.
For a better comfort balls are collected by means of very handy exits on both sides of the table. COLLEGE PRO EDITION is branded by Robertosport and ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), front and back sides, and is available in BLUE and GREY colours.

Playfield dimensions:         111 x 70 cm.
Overall dimensions:        110 x 135 x 90 cm.
Packing dimensions:        137 x 77 x 27 cm.
Weight:                                     55 Kg.